Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Mechanic: Quick Review

The Mechanic is about a contract killer that that trains a younger man to do the same. They kill a couple people then go after a big target, like other movies of the genre, but with a slight story twist.

Pro + and Cons - :
+ Some good gore shots, if you're into that kind of thing
- Not as much action as you'd expect (much less hand-to-hand combat) especially in a movie starring Jason Statham
- The sexuality does nothing for the story, besides maybe show that hitmen get lonely too. I would have preferred if that time was used on story/action.
+ I couldn't predict what was going to happen most times
- Not much clever dialogue, but I guess it's not a "smart" kind of film
+ Low cheesiness (unlike The Transporter)
+ Okay acting (Ben Foster is usually always good)
- Climax wasn't too climactic, but kinda cool
+ Minor twist at the end

Overall Score: 7.5 - It's a simple, action movie about contract killers. It has decent gunfights and explosions. I'm actually glad Hollywood still makes these. I'm a 90's kid. You get what you pay for. I liked it.


  1. "Low Cheesiness" Just wanted I wanted to hear. Jason's movies = cheesy

  2. I love Jason Statham films so will deffinately be checking it out - cheers for the review

  3. I find most Statham action films to have large homosexual undertones, especially the transporter films.

  4. Meh, it's sad Statham is lending his name to formulaic crap. Though I'll probably still have to check it out.

  5. I like this kind of movie, spy-ish/assasin. Followed

  6. Is it too gorey?

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  7. hwidman took the words out my my mouth.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

  9. I guess that's another movie to add to the extensive list of films I need to see...

    Good blog man!

  10. I wanted to check this movie out, thanks for the review. Following

  11. thanks for the review

  12. At least the guy from transporter is in it. I'll probs check it out for that reason.

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  13. I'm a fan of Jason Statham's films (The Transporter is a personal fav). I wanted to see The Mechanic ever since I saw the poster in the Coming Soon section of the local movie theater.

    I still haven't gotten around to seeing it, but I will definitely check it out soon.

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