Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pabst Blue Ribbon: Quick Review

I've heard strange things about this beer. A few times when I've bought it, someone has remarked much like, "You don't look like you drink that kind of beer, only poor, fat guys buy that." (I was blessed with a quick metabolism.) I've also heard that "hipsters drink that." Now, I don't like hipsters either, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate PBR for what it is, an affordable, decent-tasting beer (of course, I've tasted way better).

  • Cheap! ($18 for a 30-pack, Hell yeah!)
  • Decent taste, I would describe it as a lighter Budweiser
  • It'll get you drunk!
  • Another social thing is that a few people actually will think you're some sort of "badass" for drinking it
  • A little too light, if I drink it super fast, I run the risk of puking
  • I get a metal taste in my mouth when I go through a lot of them, don't know if that's common
  • It probably is fattening for those of you with slow metabolism
  • Hard to find. I couldn't find it on a visit to California anywhere.
  • Your recovering alcoholic friends can't have any
  • May make you look like a cheap-ass scrub
Overall: I give this product a 7/10. It's affordable and will get you drunk after many bathroom breaks. Yes, if I was rich I would probably buy some of our more tasty local brews. Enjoy!


  1. My metabolism sucks big time! So, I'm gonna make sure I stay the hell away from that beer, unless I wan't the top of my ass to touch the middle of my back on a daily basis ;)

  2. No idea what bear that is :) ain't got it here where I am =]

    We got good beers however!

  3. Where do you live in cali? lol I can't go to a store without seeing it

  4. PBR originated in Milwaukee. ;D

  5. I have only ever really seen people drink PBR "ironically", but I don't really get the issue, if it tastes decent and it's cheap, I say right on. LOL

  6. pbr is the four loko of beers. idgi either

  7. The metal taste has to do with the type of edible oil they apply to the sheet metal when building the cans. Look for it next time you open up a can, it sits on top.

  8. umm pbr is trash...drink nati!
    enjoy a good laugh friend. I'm following ya...#71

  9. i cant try it :(
    you should try "osjecko pivo" from croatia

  10. 18 for 30 holy shit, I am a fan of that

  11. It's pretty smooth. Tastes like shit, though.