Friday, February 18, 2011

I am an alcohol and it's destroying my family.

The best way I have heard alcoholism described is that it's an allergy. Once I drink, I change and have trouble stopping. Fucking sucks too because I like to drink.

I'm gonna try the sober thing again, though. This also fucking sucks because I pretty much need to stay away from my drinking friends.

It's so annoying that other people can drink and be okay. My dumb ass acts all stupid and then gets depressed.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Gonna hit up your blogs soon. They better not suck!
To Hell with the movie, this damn song alone deserves a Nobel Prize!


  1. And this is why my personal drug of choice is my good friend MJ.

    Feel good? check
    hangover? nope
    can do serious business immediately after like a boss: yup
    Addicting? Mentally? totally, physically? nope. Can stop at any time cold turkey no prob. Shit, when I start again, it feels even better.


  2. good luck man ive heard that its really difficult getting over an alchohol addiction. also, theres no reason to be depressed. youll get through it.


  3. I'm wishing you luck, hopefully everything works out :)

  4. Thank you guys so much! I'm gonna do it!

  5. good luck dude. i hope you can get over your addictions.

  6. Good luck. My sister is an alcoholic, and it's tough to stop. Finding new friends is definitely a step in the right direction, all that temptation will be hard on you.