Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Quick Review of Face/Off

I just finished watching last night's Conan and was pleasantly reminded about this movie (Nicholas Cage Threat Level). This movie is about a cop, Sean Archer, and his extreme dislike of a criminal, Castor Troy (WOOO!). Archer has to take Troy's identity in order to gain information of a bomb's whereabouts, which goes terribly awry but produces one of the greatest stories ever told.

Pros + and Cons -
+ Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in the prime of their lives and careers! Hell yeah!
+ Fashionable and sexy gunplay and cinematics (directed by John Woo)
- Cheesiness? You bet your ass!
+ Action-packed!
- How many bullets does a pistol hold?!?! And other shoddy stunts...
+ Nice music. Ready for the Big Ride Bubba is one of my all time favorite movie songs.
- Weak dialogue

Overall Score: 8.5 - One of the best films ever made. If one of you watches this because of my review, then it's all worth it. I hope you enjoy this classic as much as I did.


  1. Ive never seen it. Ill be sure to check it out.

  2. i loved this movie regardless of how cheezy it was! haha

  3. I dunno.. I just do not care for Nicholas Cage.. dont even ask me why... I dont know.

    But... I just might see this movie cause its the sort of movie I enjoy.. just not as much as horror films >:3

  4. Nicholas Cage = average acting skills

  5. It's a good movie; watched it years ago. The scene with the face off still freaks me out! :D

  6. I saw it before, it was soooo stupid. I like your blog, I'll be following.

  7. Absolute classic. Gotta watch it again, along with Con Air.

  8. I remember when this came out.
    It really is an awesome movie.

  9. Conan made me interested in that movie too... now with this review I´m sold.

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  11. will watch.
    supporting daily in hopes of more updates.
    help support me support you. Check out my blogs sometime.

  12. i thought you were going to talk about the show i just watched and got excited... i love john woo movies

  13. i haven't seen this in ages, need to see it again