Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ip Man - My Quick Review

Ip Man is based loosely on Bruce Lee's Wing Chun instructor and his plight during the Japanese siege. I think it's based very loosely at that, unless I'm mistaken. It's coincidental that I quoted Bruce Lee in my last post, by the way. This movie just happened to pop up on Hulu, which was rad because I've been meaning to check it out. Anyhow...

Pros + and Cons -
- Mild cheesiness, not as silly as the good ol' 90's though, and all Kung Fu movies must have some level of cheesiness
- Haven't we heard the "Japanese being jerks and Chinese fighting back" story enough? (Fearless, Chinese Connection/Fists of Fury, Fist of Legend, etc.) I'm sure the Japanese would appreciate it if we moved on.
+ Ip Man's third fight is absolutely goddamn brutal and well-worth the rest of the movie
+ Well choreographed - quick and fast-paced
- Not as much philosophy as I'd hoped (what's Kung Fu without philosophy?)
- Not too much of a story or villain
+ Acting isn't too bad
+ Main character is pretty inspiring, despite his lack of dialogue

Overall Score: I must say that I reviewed this for what it is - a goddamn Kung Fu movie! Fuck yeah! All Kung Fu movies have cheesiness, some bad acting, etc. So, this score is relative to others of the genre - 7.5.
Definitely worth watching at least once; Kung Fu/Wing Chun fans will probably like to watch it twice or thrice.


  1. haha it was a pretty good movie.
    but dont forget, the Japs have made Hundreds of movies to show that Karate is better then Kung Fu, and vice versa.
    its supposed to be a true story, so its pretty cool by me!

  2. I wanted to see this a while back... the main kung fu dude seems pretty badass

  3. Brb executing 20+ weak-looking punches into a guy's chest, then proceed to twirl him around my hip, resulting in him landing in front of me. I then proceed to grab his head by the chin, and punch him repeatedly on his forehead until blood spurts out from his nose. I finally released him after several punches, and he slid lifelessly down my legs.

  4. I hope this one is better than the new karate kid one, that one really made me lost all respect for Jackie Chan.. Gonna check this out asap!

    yours sincerely

  5. should I download this movie.
    Will follow daily for answer.
    Check out my sauce as well.

  6. you have download links for this movie?


  7. Nope, sorry guys. I just watched it at Hulu. I don't really DL movies very often.

  8. Sounds good enough I'll check it out.

  9. Looked decent, maybe I'll watch.


  10. I do like a good martial arts movie...will be checking this out as well

  11. I will be checking this out

  12. God, I lold when I realised that the movie is actually not about hackers (ip).
    Oh God. :D

  13. i'm gonna have to check this one out